Building and maintaining an effective virtual team

Arguably the trickiest part of building and maintaining an effective virtual team is the task of bridging the gap between professional wisdom and scientific insights. Some insight was given to this question in the background reading. 
Nemiro, J. (n.d.). Chapter 1: Mapping out the creative process and work design approach. In Creativity in virtual teams: Key components for success (pp. 3-23). John Wiley & Sons.
Buisine, S., & Guegan, J. (2019). Creativity in virtual teams: Bridging the gap between professional wisdom and scientific insights. Creativity Studies, 12(2), 198-210. 
Kozlowski, S. W. J., Chao, G. T., & Van Fossen, J. (2021). Leading virtual teams. Organizational Dynamics, 50(1). 100842, ISSN 0090-2616.
After considering the material in this reading as well as the background readings and any other research material you choose to use:
a. Reflect on how a virtual team can best bridge the gap between professional wisdom and scientific insights. Specifically, you will want to think about how the work in virtual teams is designed as well as how leadership is handled.
b. What are the options for Work Design, Leadership, and creativity of virtual teams?
c. How do task requirements and team characteristics affect the choices of work design and leadership (such as rotating, etc.)? Be specific and give examples if appropriate.
d. Assess the effectiveness of the structures/practices covered by the readings in this module for virtual teaming. (In other words, do they work, or are the authors of the readings hopelessly out of touch with reality?)

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