Bulletproof Material/Clothing Essay Paper

Bulletproof Material/Clothing
Bulletproof Material/Clothing

Bulletproof Material/Clothing

Our topic is Bulletproof Material/Clothing.
Please follow the instruction and write a research paper about bulletproof material and clothing.
Mainly investigate the principle of current bulletproof vest and material (Kevlar/aramid material) and what are the limitations, and what kind of New Material could possibly improve/fix the issue? (Minimize the thickness/weight of the bulletproof vest? Lower the production cost? More environmental friendly?)

1. Fibers and materials: existing, new and to be developed
2. Fabrication/assembly methods and clothing structure
3. Evaluation criteria & testing methods/procedures
4. Re-design
5. Proposed product(s) and specifications

Important criteria for evaluation will be to:
1) successfully blend quantitative and qualitative research, consider a multi-method approach (i.e. Testing data/graph/ text)
2) thoughtfully cover the micro to macro aspects of the topic,
3) examine relevant physical and social/cultural aspects of the topic,

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