Business Decision Making Assignment

Business Decision Making
            Business Decision Making

Business Decision Making

This is an individual assignment. The work must be your own original work; all sources including internet sites must be fully and properly referenced. The maximum word count for each question is given below. You must avoid any breach of the University’s assessment regulations. You are encouraged to use graphs or charts to illustrate your answers.

Weighting: This assessment carries 25% of the total module marks.

Word limit guide: 1000 words excluding references.
Deadline: Wednesday 6th March 2019 by 13:00 (UK time) – work must be submitted on-line through Blackboard/Alternative Assessment. A Turnitin link will be created for this purpose. It will be marked anonymously.

Feedback: Wednesday, 27th March 2019 at 17:00, via Blackboard.

This assignment builds on the seminar activities you have undertaken in the first two weeks of the module and provides some contextual background for the simulation game by looking at emerging trends in the ‘real world’ sneaker market.

1. Access the Statista (2019) website:

Gather data on the Athletic footwear market in the UK and one other
European country (this should include revenues, sales volume, price, sales channels, market shares of brands and any other indicators you consider relevant). Use this to produce a comparative analysis of the two markets setting out their key similarities and differences. (Word limit: 700 words; 70 marks).

Please try to create your own charts using Excel wherever possible.

2. Read the article: ‘Sneakernomics: All change in the trainer business’, BBC News, 30th December 2018 (Available as a pdf on Blackboard)

Write a short summary of the article explaining the key arguments it makes and critically reviewing its conclusions. (Word limit: 300 words; 30 marks).

You are encouraged to bring in your own ideas, but these should be based on evidence from wider reading or research.

From the Module Handbook

The assignment is designed to:

Test students’ ability to use their research skills to identify and select appropriate financial and economic data, gathered using a range of media, to analyse the particular market on which the simulation game is focused and to present this in the form of a market briefing.

Learning Outcomes this coursework assignment assesses (LOs 4, 6 & 7):

4. Use quantitative information to verify and extend existing theory;
6. Critically review current research and critically evaluate assumptions, abstract concepts and data to make own judgement;
7. Understand and apply suitable business and management research methods.

Assessment Criteria

Students will be assessed on their:
• Skills in research and data gathering
• Quality of analysis of a particular market
• Presentation of findings in an appropriate format Equally weighted criteria

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