Business Economic Analysis for Managers

Business Economic Analysis for Managers Please remember to: (1) Answer the questions provided in the prompt
(2) Timeliness – finishing my work by the deadline provided
(3) Use several quotes from the textbooks to support the claims in your writing

Business Economic Analysis for Managers
Business Economic Analysis for Managers

(4) APA-citing within the body of your post and end of post references. Please do not plagiarize. Cite all sources.
(6) Please copy and paste EACH question on the line above your answer. You will loose points for each question not answered.
About the class:
BUSU 620: (The class is called Business – Economic Analysis for Managers, so please try to write from that perspective)
Managerial Economics Edition: 7th
Author: Samuelson
Edition: 7th
John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
William F. Samuelson and Stephen G. Marks (2009) Managerial Economics (7th ed.), Wiley ISBN 978-0-470-28242-7
Writer- please do not ask me for the textbook because I do not have it. Your company told me that you would be able to find the book online.

PROMPT: Business Economic Analysis for Managers

Review the PowerPoint on the Financial Crisis found in Week 6 Course Documents. Create a paper for Assignment #4. prepare a sensitivity analysis that is
graduate level, writing and thinking. In the best case use the problem you identified in Assignment 1 of this class incorporating any feedback from
Assignment 1 and 3 in this class. Rubric and Handout found in Week 7 Course Documents. This is the foundation work for your next paper which is the most
important paper in the class and should demonstrate all that you have learned during this course. The outline should have references, have a title and have
headings for all six steps of the decision making steps and be at least three pages long, with detail and analysis.
ps. writer I will upload the documents for you including assignment 1 and 3. and other assignments from the class so u can get an idea of what we learned in
this course. please reference the book as well.

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