Business Plan of a small Business

Business Plan of a small Business
Business Plan of a small Business

Business Plan of a small Business

You are assigned to prepare a business plan of a small / family business of your choice. A business plan always helps us to examine a current market, identify customers’ needs and wants, plan for future actions, and predict possible expenses.

Your business plan must include the following:
– Clear title
– Table of contents
– Introduction (short description of the business – product – services
and its location)
– The main goal / objectives
– Vision
Market research (target market, SWOT Analysis etc.)
– Marketing Plan – Advertisement
– Identify competitors
– Outline your financial needs (staff, materials, rent,
purchase, advertisement expenses, technology etc.)
– Possible investors
– Action plan (dates, season, implantation of actions etc.) –
Hypothetical speaking
– Conclusion
Please use of regular in-text citation throughout your document / plan and provide a reference list at the end of your assignment.

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