Business Simulation Game Individual Report

Business Simulation Game Individual Report We are doing a Business Game Online as a group. You must write an individual report.

Business Simulation Game Individual Report
Business Simulation Game Individual Report

The name of my group company is FDX GENERATION.
Assignment Format for Business Simulation Game (Individual Report)
Each student is expected to prepare an independent report of his/her experience of strategically managing the company (as part of a group) for the five-year period.

Business Simulation Game Individual Report Format and Structure

The suggested format and structure for this report is set out below.
Contents Page: The report should be clearly structured and follow a logical format. A contents page should be included which should adequately set out the structure of the report in a systematic way.
Introduction: State concisely but clearly what the report is about and the sequence of key tasks/events to follow.
Competitive Advantage: Describe how your company entered the industry (in each of the four markets in which you operated, and for all product types) and why?
As a Global Cost Leader; as a Global Differentiator; other.
External Overview Analyses: Awareness of the external environment and how it impacts on a company is a key strategic consideration. It is important then to describe: the state of the industry when you took over at the end of year 5; its competitive nature; and the opportunities and threats that existed for your company. You should support your answer with relevant strategic models/frameworks. You would need to carry out additional relevant (online) research to
inform/support your analysis of the external environment.
Internal Overview Analyses: Provide a clear but concise overview of the company you were about to take over at the end of year 5. What were its strengths and weaknesses?

Business Simulation Game Individual Report Reflections and Conclusions

Reflections and Conclusions: What did the simulation reveal about:
– Competitive positioning?
– ‘Beating’ the competition?
– Changing Strategies?
– Working as a cohesive team to run the company?
What did the simulation mean for you in terms of interdependent decision making; experiential learning of running a business; and independent reflections and thinking?
We are as much concerned about your personal development through the exercise as with your strategic analysis and conclusions.

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