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You work for an agency which has been asked to advise an Internet Business group about gender in workplaces around the world. Choose any one country. Write a report outlining and comparing gender patterns in two different ‘workplaces’ in this country. Suggest how and why these patterns might change in the future.

An example of a ‘gender pattern’ is the wide difference in percentages of males and females who work in senior academic positions in UK universities.
Your report should compare two different workplaces.

You may choose to focus on a single type of work or business, or compare a variety of work types in your chosen country.
Your report must make one or two suggestions as to how and why gender roles might change in the future. These suggestions must follow logically from your comparisons.

Your report must use emphasized sub-headings and a numbering system throughout.

Use of Sources
You must refer to secondary sources to support your ideas. You must also refer to at least two academically suitable sources from your own research.
You should refer to data e.g. tables and graphs where appropriate.

You must provide in-text citations and final references for all sources you refer to in your report.
You must use English language sources – you must not translate ideas from non-English language sources

Structure of the Report:
The following headings must be numbered and used in the Report:
Introduction / Background information / Aims
Workplace 1: gender patterns
Workplace 2: gender patterns
Possible future changes e.g. relating to changes in demography, attitudes, family life, industrialisation etc.

Reference List
You will be assessed on:

  • The relevance of your ideas; the effectiveness of your comparisons.
  • The structure of your report (organisation of ideas in paragraphs; use of headings and numbering; linking of ideas).
  • Your choice of relevant and appropriate source material – including specific examples and data – to support your ideas.
  • Your incorporation of source material including paraphrase/summary, quotations and final references.
  • Appropriate and accurate use of English, especially academic register and style; adherence to all task guidelines.

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