California Drought-Current -Cause & effect

California Drought-Current -Cause & effect
California Drought-Current -Cause & effect

California Drought-Current -Cause & effect

The topic is: the California Drought – Current – Causes and Effects

Write a 4-5 page research paper on CA drought, what has caused it & what are the effects currently. Papers should be typed (using Microsoft Word
2010 or newer only) with size 12 font using the standard Microsoft Word (2010-2016) template.

Hand written papers or papers in other formats will not be accepted! Your project will be graded using the following criteria:

1. Name your Word file ‘Last Name_First Name_Research.docx
(i.e. Smith_Joe_Research.docx)
2. Must include a cover page (not included in the 4-5 pages) (2 points)
. Must use at least 4 sources (4 points)

a. At least one source must be from peer-reviewed academic journal articles or textbooks

b. Sources such as Wikipedia cannot be used.

c. Sources exploring non-traditional theories on your topic are encouraged, where appropriate but not mandatory.

4. Must include a citations or work cited page at the end of your paper (not included in the 4-5
pages) (2 points)

5. Grammar and sentence structure (5 points)

6. You should run the MS Word spelling and grammar checker and make appropriate changes

a. Look for errors in grammar and sentence structure
b. Make appropriate comments to help improve the readability of the paper

7. Research Paper (35 points)
a. Begin with an introductory section introducing your topic (1-2 paragraphs)
b. Discuss the criteria indicated for your topic (formation, history, etc.)
c. Discus past and current theories where appropriate
d. Discuss alternative or controversial theories where appropriate
e. End with a conclusion section briefly summarizing the body of your paper (1-2 paragraphs)

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