Capstone Nurse Competencies

Address how you achieved the following competencies:

Use of principles of management and delegation to implement plans of care with members of the intraprofessional team to achieve safe, quality patient outcomes. (Professional Identity)

Apply principles of leadership and interprofessional collaboration to improve patient outcomes. (Professional Identity)

Integrated evidence-based findings and technology into the provision of patient-centered nursing care for patients. (Spirit of Inquiry)

Review the American Nurses Association definitions and concepts related to competence:

“A competency is an expected level of performance that integrates knowledge, skills, abilities, and judgment. Knowledge encompasses thinking, understanding of science and humanities, professional standards of practice, and insights gained from context, practical experiences, personal capabilities, and leadership performance. Skills include psychomotor, communication, interpersonal, and diagnostic skills. Ability is the capacity to act effectively. It requires listening, integrity, knowledge of one’s strengths and weaknesses, positive self-regard, emotional intelligence, and openness to feedback.” (American Nurses Association, 2021, p. 146)

Provide an explanation for what it means to achieve the nursing competencies of professional identity and spirit of inquiry.

Use specific detailed examples to explain and support the achievement of professional identity and spirit of inquiry competencies.

Explain each competency and how you have applied this competency during your nursing program.

Explain how you will continue to apply these competencies to your nursing practice.

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