Case Analysis Paper Available Here

Case Analysis Paper
Case Analysis Paper

Case Analysis Paper

Case Analysis Paper

Use all the guidelines in Report Writing: A Survival Guide to ensure success. SONY — which you can find detailed investor’s information, such as a
shareholder’s report and analyst’s evaluations. Based on your research and using the text as a guide, report on the following topics (with each as a section
of your report). See Blackboard for more detail. It is worth 100 points.
Executive Summary (Memo that provides a short summary of your report) Cover Page
List of Figures
Vision, Mission, Objectives
Analysis of Vision, Mission, Objectives (original) Industry Analysis
Macro Environment
General Economic Conditions
Societal values and lifestyles Population Demographics Legislation and Regulation
Analysis of the company’s Internal Standing (original)
Immediate Industry and Competitive Environment
Substitute Products
Rival Firms
New Entrants
Analysis of the company’s Industry Standing (original)
Internal Analysis
Corporate Governance/Organizational Structure
Company Culture Social Responsibility Resources
Analysis of the company’s Internal Standing (original) Corporate Strategy
Analysis of the company’s Corporate Strategy (original)
Evaluation and Control—Procedures and Examples
Analysis of the Evaluation and Control Procedures and Successes/Failures (original) Recommendations for the Future—minimum of 4
Footnotes or Endnotes
Your final report is to include no more than fifteen (15) pages, and university-level communication techniques must be used as shown in Report Writing: A
Survival Guide.
A minimum of six sources are required.
ALL source material used must be appropriately cited within the text, and full reference citations must be provided using APA Style Manual and
parenthetical references.
Plagiarism will result in a failing grade on the assignment, and must be reported to the Academic
Judicial Affairs office for further disciplinary action. 100 points.
Please take advantage of the pre-evaluation

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