Case Study in Community Resources

Case Study in Community Resources Darrin, a four-year-old boy, has recently joined your classroom. His mom reports, “He can be a handful,” but his behavior is nothing like you’ve seen before. Darrin swears frequently at teachers and classmates, states he’s going to “kill you and bury you in the back yard,” and is so aggressive that the other children are afraid of him.

Case Study in Community Resources
Case Study in Community Resources

You have started tracking Darrin’s behavior
to see if you can determine the function of his behavior, but you just can’t seem to find a pattern How can you support
Darrin and his mom?
you should include the following sections:
Briefly describe your case study
How you will support this child in your classroom? For each support you must include the following information:
Why did you choose this level of support?
What research backs up the use of this level of support?
How will you involve this child’s family in this process?
How will you know support is working and when to make modifications?
How you will offer family support?
What community resources will you connect this family?
How will you involve the family in this process?
Your final paper must be 5 pages long. It should demonstrate a strong case for how you would support this child and family.
Remember your role is not to diagnose this child. Instead, your role is to indicate how you, as the child’s early childhood teacher,
will support this child in your classroom and this child’s family. Your work must be supported by research from at
least 5 different sources, Include both in-text citations .
• The Power Point is a representation of your paper and should include the same information, but in this visual format as if
you are presenting to an audience of your colleagues.
• You should have 7-10 slides. Please construct your PowerPoint with a notes section which details what you would say if you
were presenting orally and the research behind your slides. Include citations on your slides in APA format corresponding to
your Reference page from your paper. Please review the following link for suggestions for constructing a PowerPoint

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