Case study Question & Answer Assignment

Case study Question & Answer
       Case study Question & Answer

Students need to choose a case study from their workplace. Ideally this is a case that the student is directly working with. Alternatively the student can use a case that the organisation is involved in. Students should get the permission of their supervisor to use the case details in this scenario. Students need to use appropriate measures to protect the privacy of their clients.

The case study must provide enough details to answer all the following questions.

1. Identify the approach used in working with the client. (refer to the reading Plan intervention with clients ) Marks 10

2. Identify other approaches that may have been appropriate to this case and discuss why. Marks 10

3. Outline how the client’s needs for services was assessed in consideration of:                                                  a. Severity of client needs                                                        b. Services offered by the organisation                             c. Community and family support                                      d. Other resources you might access                                  e. Your own skills and capacity to deal with the client’s issues. Marks 30

4. Identify the goals in working with the client Marks 10

5. Identify any specialist services that were accessed for this client and discuss why. If the client was not referred students need to identify appropriate services that the client may have been referred to. Marks 10

6. Identify legal obligations relevant to the case. Marks 10

7. Identify how the case was monitored. Marks 10

8. Identify the organisation policy regarding ongoing support and transition and discuss how the policies applied in this case. Marks 10

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