Case Study: Staffing and Scheduling

Case Study:
1) You are the nurse manager for your unit. You have called a staff meeting and have encouraged the staff to bring concerns regarding staff satisfaction and care delivery. The focus of this meeting is to consider a new approach of self-scheduling. Before looking at how such an approach could actually be implemented, you want staff to consider the pros and cons of the current approach (managerial driven) versus the pros and cons of handing this over to the staff for self-scheduling. Construct a chart (4 sections: a pro section for each type and a con section for each type) to illustrate and clarify the dilemmas, challenges, benefits, issues, and problems associated with each. Please list at least 5 items in each of the sections. Be sure to look at this from in regards to the staff and the impact on care delivery.
2) Now assume that you and your group have decided to move forward with initiating self-scheduling for your unit on a trial basis. Before initiating this new approach, you will need to write some guidelines for self-scheduling that the staff must all follow. List at least 8 guidelines that all staff will follow.

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