Characteristic Elements of the Renaissance

Characteristic Elements of the Renaissance This week we’re going to be discussing one of the characteristic elements of the Renaissance: the importance for the scholars and philosophers of the time to find a way to reconcile reason and faith (rationality vs unsupported belief).

Characteristic Elements of the Renaissance
Characteristic Elements of the Renaissance

The Renaissance came on the heels of an age steeped in belief and faith, bounded by the dictates of the medieval church, which rigorously suppressed and sought to erase any knowledge or thought which might weaken or threaten its supreme position and importance. With the Renaissance, however, came a change, a fascination with newly-available writings from the classical period of Greco-Roman thought and from Islam, which had maintained those writings and expanded on the knowledge they contained.

Characteristic Elements of the Renaissance Questions

The Roman’s held that reason, rationality, and the empirical method were the primary ways with which man could seek to understand the world – the knowable/observable. The Catholic church was based in faith, in belief. So the Renaissance scholars faced a conflict between the knowledge and the unknowable.
So let’s update the question a bit. For rationality, reason, and the empirical method, let’s say science. So the question now becomes science vs faith.
Which do you think about the question of science vs faith? For example, which do you think is the most important? Most relevant? Do you think that faith is threatened by science? Should faith (religion) be allowed to restrain science? How do you reconcile the two (if you do)?
If you quote or paraphrase from a research source other than the course materials, use an informal citation (title, author, page or website) in parentheses. Failure to do this is plagiarism, and will earn 0 points.
Remember that religion is a very touchy subject, and this forum is not the place for proselytizing, ranting, or any other form of disrespect for the opinions and beliefs of your classmates. If I see a post which violates these rules, it will be deleted, and that student will get a 0 for the assignment.
For full credit, post your own contribution to the discussion, and respond to another student’s post.
Jesus Response: The way I like to personally think about this discussion is that both faith and science should always be two separate categories to be left alone. Neither one should try and disprove or restrain one another. I hope I can at least get somewhat of a grade if I say that neither is most important. There are possible phenomenons around the world that neither science or religion can explain. Instead, I think everyone should continue respecting each other’s beliefs whether its faith or science that they believe in. If possible, maybe everyone can try and at least reconcile with both and continue to respect. Whether you believe in faith or science no one or any entity should restrain one’s beliefs
2. Write a journal entry on the Oration on the Dignity of Man by Govanni Pico della Mirandola.

Characteristic Elements of the Renaissance Answers

The answer to each question must be at least 50 words:
Which part or idea or concept in the reading was most interesting to you? Why?
Did the reading help you to understand the people, culture and religion of Renaissance Italy? Why? Why not?
Your general comments about the reading.
If you could say one thing, or ask one question, of Pico della Mirandola, what would it be?
The purpose of these journal entries is for you to engage and interact with the readings. I’m interested in your ideas, your reactions, your thoughts. Grading focuses on completeness rather than content (provided you make an effort to answer the questions thoughtfully).
If you quote or paraphrase from any research sources other than the course materials, use an informal citation (title, author, page, website) in parentheses. Failure to do this is plagiarism, and will earn 0 points.

Characteristic Elements of the Renaissance Paper Writing Requirements

3. You are required to visit a museum or attend a concert and write an essay about it.
If you go to a museum, try to make sure it is one which has paintings and/or sculpture from the periods which we are covering in class (prehistoric to late Renaissance). Same thing for music–the concert must feature music from the periods which we are covering in class. However, if you visit a museum or attend a concert with modern art or music, YOU MUST relate it to the art or music of the periods we are studying.
You will be required to provide me with your ticket and a program (if available). Be sure to put your name on the ticket or program. You will write a 1000 word essay about the museum or concert. The essay can focus on the visit as a whole, or on specific pieces of art or music, or both. You can include:
How it feels to see and hear, in person, what you’ve been reading about this semester
Specific elements of the period (for example, classical or Renaissance) which you recognize in the work(s) of art or music
Why you chose the museum or concert you visited/attended
Compare/contrast the modern art or music you’ve seen or heard with the art or music of the periods we’re studying
What influences of the past (specifically the periods we’re studying) can you detect and identify in the modern art or music
The Getty Villa would be my first choice for this. Admission to the Villa is free, but you must have a parking reservation in advance: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. I strongly urge you to check with the museum when choosing your date to make your visit — particular exhibits or areas of the Villa may be temporarily closed, as they are “reimagining” the museum.
This will be submitted via turnitin (ignore the assignment specification which calls for it to be submitted on paper): turnitin codes TBD
You may include photos of the works of art you discuss, but they will not count towards page length. Scan or photograph your ticket or program, with your name on it in ink, and include it in your paper.

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