Child abuse and neglect Article Review

Child abuse and neglect
       Child abuse and neglect

Child abuse and neglect

1. Look up an empirical article that studies the issue of emotional/psychological abuse. (500 word limit)

a. Describe the article:
i. Population studied
ii. Methods used
iii. Outcomes
iv. Be sure to use appropriate in-text citations

b. Describe in detail, how the researchers measured emotional abuse.
1. Did they use CPS records, observational methods, or self-report?
2. Was the report from victim, perpetrators, or some other person?
3. What behaviors did they include? What behaviors did they not include?
4. Did they use a specific measurement tool?
5. Did they distinguish or attempt to distinguish between emotional abuse and other types of abuse?
ii. Compare and contrast your definition with the definition used by researchers.
1. Which definition do you think is more expansive? More specific?
2. Which do you think would be more useful in a clinical situation (such as a CPS worker trying to determine if emotional/psychological abuse occurred)?
3. How do you think the results of the study would be different if your definition were used?

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