Child or youth with a mental health issue research paper

Child or youth with a mental health issue research paper
Child or youth with a mental health issue research paper

Child or youth with a mental health issue

Child or youth with a mental health

This is a Case Study because you will be writing about a child or youth with a mental health issue. 


◦ Create and then describe a child/youth, with a specific mental health concern within the first page or two of your paper.
◦ Provide information about age, gender, family members, school/work, friends, hobbies and, of course, the mental health issue he/she has along
with the symptoms that are creating the need for services and support.
◦ ( PURPOSE: Your paper will serve as an exploration of the mental health issue in general and then turn to specifics as they relate to and affect
the person you have created. This means that you must write about the impact the illness is having on him/her and then his/her family, friends, teachers, and
Your paper will conclude with ideas (based in the research) for working/treatment with this child/youth. For a perspective to work from, you could take on
the role of a mental health worker who is putting a plan together for him/her and family.
Be sure to also include research based information related to the following:
1. symptoms, (see above)
2. assessment & diagnosis,
3. treatment interventions,
4. stigma, and
5. strategies for decreasing biases about this disorder.
Remember that this course is child and youth mental health, so be clear about the effects of the illness on children, youth, and their families.
◦ Your research paper, using APA style formatting and citations, should be 8-10 pages (not including your cover page or your references page), and
should include at least 6-8 peer reviewed resources including your text.
◦ Peer reviewed – what is that?
◦ Attach copies of your peer reviewed resources or accessible web address
◦ you will lose marks for incorrect APA
To find peer reviewed journal articles, use your access to the College Library Journals. I typically go into the Social Sciences bullet.
Use Google Scholar as a search, but you will find that many journal articles ask you to pay for them. Copy the title that looks good and past it into the
College Library website mentioned above. It’s free.
One excellent and free resource is CMHA’S Journal Visions
Another one is CAMH`S Crosscurrents Journal

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