Child psychology Essay Assignment Available

Child psychology
              Child psychology

Child psychology

The text we are using for this course is called Child M-Series by Martorell, McGraw Hill. (ISBN: 9781307028829).
one paragraph or more for each question
1. Describe the nature versus nurture debate and discuss which construct you think is more important to development. Identify a characteristic of your’s and describe how it is influenced by both nature and nurture.

2. The textbook identifies five theories of development (psychoanalytic, learning, cognitive, contextual and evolutionary.) Choose the one theory that you believe is most important in understanding how development occurs and explain why you chose this theory. Discuss the main features of that theory and the important beliefs that theory maintains.

3. Summarize, in detail, how conception takes place. Describe causes that lead to infertility.

4. Choose three genetic abnormalities or birth defects and discuss that main features of each; who is most at risk for developing these defects and treatments, if any.

5. Define teratogen, and give at least two examples of teratogens and their specific effects.

6. Describe the stages of birth and various labor and delivery options that women have during childbirth. Discuss how methods and practices of childbirth has changed over time.

7. Summarize the causes, consequences and main features of low birth weight, post maturity, and stillbirth.

8. Describe the importance of bonding and how the birth of a newborn affects the marital relationship.

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