Children Obesity Persuasive Speech

Children Obesity Persuasive Speech Select and Narrow a Topic (Persuasive Speech)

Children Obesity Persuasive Speech

Think back to the elements discussed in Chapter 11 for choosing your speech topic. Again, consider the Rhetorical Situation – how to consider yourself (your own passions and expertise), your audience, and the occasion when determining an appropriate speech topic.

Children Obesity Persuasive Speech
Children Obesity Persuasive Speech

Once you have a topic in mind, begin to compile research on your topic/this research will add to your credibility (ethos).

The Select and Narrow a Topic assignment asks you to begin to develop information you will include in each step of your persuasive speech.

Using the supplementary information provided in this link and the attached Sample Select and Narrow a Topic provided (above), devise a miniature summation for what you will include in each of the five steps of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (a problem-solution approach to persuasive speaking).

Please use the provided Template (above) to do so. Here are the steps:

Children Obesity Persuasive Speech

Attention ñ How will you get your audience’s attention (a quote, statistic, personal story, case study, rhetorical questions, etc.)

Need – identify the existing problems (what current problems exist that you are hoping to change with your persuasive rhetoric?)

Satisfaction – how will your proposed solution(s) solve the problems you listed in the last step

Visualization – Help us to visualize the future with or without your proposal (will you paint a doomsday picture/negative visualization, a utopia/positive visualization, or a combination of both by first telling us how things will continue to worsen without your proposal, and then explaining how your proposal will fix the existing problems

Action – what do you want us to do? What is your specific call to action

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