Chinese abacus Assignment paper Out

Chinese abacus
Chinese abacus

Chinese abacus

Chinese abacus

Please select 2 of the 4 prompts below and reply in paragraph form, additionally read the other posts and reply to 2 (or more.)

1. The Chinese abacus is a cultural invention that leads to the use of a hexadecimal numeral system (i.e., base 16, rather than the base 10 numeral system commonly used throughout the world). Therefore, the hexadecimal numeral system is a very unique cultural practice that few other cultures have. Choose the position of either a general psychologist or a cultural psychologist; then, as your chosen psychologist, generate an explanation for the capacity to use the hexadecimal numeral system. (Chapter 1)

2. Your new job in a culturally diverse company requires you to figure out how to deal with this cultural diversity in such a way that yields the most benefits for the company. Your two options are to take the color-blind approach or the multicultural approach. Choose one, and justify your response based on the research presented in the textbook. (Chapter 1).

3. Define the ratchet effect and generate an example for it (excluding the example of the hammer in the textbook). (Chapter 2.)

4. There are three explanations posited to explain how primates developed such big brains. Name the three explanations and generate a study design that tests these competing explanations. (Chapter 2).

Expectations for Written Assignments

APA-style (6th Edition): I don’t expect you to buy the Manual, but if you intend to be a Psychology major, buying one now is a good idea as it will help you learn how to write like a scientist sooner.

Neatness: Papers should have 1-inch margins and be written using size 12 Times New Roman font in Word format.

No Spelling Errors: There are numerous tools out there to avoid spelling mistakes. Accuracy in spelling is a sign of thoroughness and professionalism. I expect that you will take the time to make sure your words are spelled correctly.

Use of Good Writing Principles: Directness in style, parsimony, use of transitions, use of introductions and conclusions, and having good structure are some basic principles to good writing.

Cultural Psychology (Third Edition)
Steven J. Heine
W. W. Norton & Company, 3rd Edition, 2015
ISBN-10: 0393263983
ISBN-13: 978-0393263985

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