Chipotle in China and Spain Foreign Market

Chipotle in China and Spain Foreign Market Country Market Screening Paper: Student teams (2-3 persons) select two non-US countries and one product or service and assess the potential for successful
marketing in each foreign market.

Chipotle in China and Spain Foreign Market
Chipotle in China and Spain Foreign Market

Papers should follow a clear screening process that considers country needs as well as the political, economic, legal, and
cultural considerations specific to the country. The screening should also suggest specific methods to deal with challenges presented by country-specific
factors. A first draft (feedback only) is due on the 6th session for instructor comments.
Following the framework of Country Notebook in our textbook (pp 594-601), this written report should include first three sections for both countries under
discussion, namely Cultural Analysis, Economic Analysis, and Market Analysis. After the comparison based on information provided by those three sections, an
informed decision should be made on which country presents a better market potential for the proposed product/service. Then the fourth section, Preliminary
Marketing Plan (in relatively brief format) should be developed for marketing the product in that selected country.
My part is market analysis.

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