Civic and global engagement biblical view

Civic and global engagement involves the ability to engage local, national, and global structures
as an informed follower of Christ. This requires one to have an understanding of a Biblical
Worldview, as well as be able to decipher that view from secular worldviews in the areas of cultural, political, economic, and industrial fields. To impact any of these areas one must effectively engage with people of diverse backgrounds. To this avail, students will script a reflection essay which demonstrates this understanding.

First, students should review “What is a Biblical worldview” in eBook Reading- Chapter:
Introduction: Getting Involved. Students can access the full textbook inside MindTap (follow
any chapter link to enter MindTap) or can use the direct link to Introduction: Getting Started in
Module 1: Week 1’s Learn section, and the view the Module presentations on worldview and

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