Civil War Battle research;Chickamauga

Civil War Battle research;Chickamauga
   Civil War Battle research;Chickamauga

Civil War Battle research;Chickamauga


Below are the directions for the Battlefield Assignments (Week 4 Forum) and student assignments for the various battles we will cover:

In the Week 4 Forum, each of you will be assigned a battle to discuss (Chickamauga). Remember, this is a very important forum and will by necessity be more detailed and analytical than those of previous weeks.

Reading Assignments: There are no reading assignments for Week 4. Your work will be based on your own research.

For your assigned battle you will:

1. Examine the factors that led to the battle. (Chickamauga)

2. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of both the Union and Confederate armies, including the key commanders. (Chickamauga)

3. Present an overview of the battle. (Chickamauga)

4. Present an analysis of the battle’s decisive moments and decisions. (Chickamauga)

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