Classification of Friends Essay Assignment

Classification of Friends
               Classification of Friends

Classification of Friends

Friends may be classified into three categories: Best friends, Good listeners, and Back stabbers.
I have to have 5 paragraphs , Introduction, Body 1, Body 2, Body 3, and Conclusion. it must have 600-625 words. no first person, no second person.

Lakia Barnes
ENG 1113, Period C
Dr. Smith
March 1, 2019
Friends are important to have because they are a backbone when things get though in life,
and are always there for love and support. With all the friends that individually have whoever
would think that it would be hard to analyze between friends, but that is not the case. Friendships
is ambitious to define, and with every good there are different ways of acting. In life, people will
encounter different characters of friends that are categorized by their personality or traits. Friends
may be classified into three categories: Best Friends, Good Listeners, and Back Stabbers.
Best Friends are leaders who always can tell everything, and it is usually someone that
who hang out all the time. Feeds off one another personality, finish each other words without that
person around people will begin to be incomplete, and constantly make plans for the next time
people will meet.. Best Friends knows every secret, and can predict things before one think or do
it. In fact, Barnes and Cox where two friends who meet in the seventh grade they have gone
through everything together. They were there for each other, they could even talk and be with
one another whether it was home, school, or the gym.
Good Listeners is someone who truly sits down and understand were one is coming from. They do not go and tell everyone ones business to any and everybody, they keep it to themselves.

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