Classroom Experiment Report Discussion

Classroom Experiment Report Discussion Title (5%): A good title will encapsulate the report and the result while remaining short and intriguing.

Classroom Experiment Report Discussion
Classroom Experiment Report Discussion

Introduction (20%): Establish what is known about this issue, what is unknown, conflicts that exist in literature and describe the hypothesis you are testing.

– 2 – 3 paragraphs

– 300 words

Methods (15%): Describe how the trial was conducted, how different groups were treated, how data was collected. Do not include results in this section.

Classroom Experiment Report Discussion

Results (30%): Include 2 figures that show data from the different treatment groups. Describe trends in data but do not make conclusions.

Figures and tables should have clearly labeled columns or axes, and include a brief legend that describes what the figure or table is showing. Instructions for producing figures are covered in the data analysis tutorial.

Discussion (20%): Relate findings to the hypothesis, discuss implications, describe at least three weaknesses (limitations) to study and postulate future experiments.

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