Climate change Argumentative Essay

Climate change Argumentative Essay
Climate change Argumentative Essay

Climate change Argumentative Essay

The term climate change misrepresents what is actually happening to the environment

This is an argument of definition essay. An essay as this seeks to make an argument that hinges on the specific definition of a term. This assignment will be writing an essay in which you seek to argue a claim based entirely upon the definition of a certain concept. You may argue your opinion on how a definition has changed over time OR how a definition is commonly misinterpreted OR that something should or should not be defined in a certain way. This essay is a clear argument that should remain focused on the definition of 1 or more words or concepts and how well you make that definition relate to the larger scope of your argument.

No use of encyclopedias or Wikipedia, no blogs or propaganda websites.

There should be at maximum a 75/25 split of your original words and ideas/source materials.

The essay will be graded on how well you:
1) develop an introduction that draws in the reader with a developed thesis statement.
2) Offer a clear explanation of the term and the definition that your essay focuses on.
3) Use detailed and interesting language and present key points with a balanced presentation of the argument.
4) Offer a clear conclusion.
5) Use 3rd person present tense – no personal pronouns.
A Works Cited page is required and is in addition to the required page count.

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