Clinical Patient Group Presentation

Clinical Patient Group Presentation Present a summary of your clinical patient to your clinical group. This will be a 15-minute presentation.

Clinical Patient Group Presentation
Clinical Patient Group Presentation

Teach your classmates something you learned while providing care to this patient! Share your expertise! The presentation should include a brief history of the patient including the health history that led to the priority needs, nursing diagnosis, outcomes and interventions you identified in the plan of care. Include a summary of one evidence-based article that supports your plan of care. This article must be a nursing journal, written within the last 5 years. Submit a copy of the journal article to your instructor.
You must use a minimum of two teaching methods in your presentation. This can be a PowerPoint, a poster, a YouTube video, a game, a quiz question, etc.
Presentation should be conducted in a professional manner and should be organized, clear, concise and timely. Your presentation should engage the interest and participation of the audience.

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