Colorado Revised Statutes Term Paper

Colorado Revised Statutes
Colorado Revised Statutes

Colorado Revised Statutes

Juveniles: 2016 Colorado Revised Statutes
Title 19 – Children’s Code
Article 2 – the Colorado Juvenile Justice System 517 Direct filing
Problem statement: To remove the prosecutorial aspect of juvenile direct filing, allowing just the judge to keep juvenile trials from going into the adult courts.
End Goal: To reduce juveniles from being charged as adults as a whole

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Assignment instructions
2) Change Process
a) Introduce problem statement and Identify and discuss potential revisions to improve service delivery through legislative action. [Consider the content in Chapter One of Jansson’s text to guide your discussion).
b) Identify and discuss the political ideologies which will be amenable and adversarial in the change process.
c) Identify and discuss the nature of the cooperation and resistance. Be sure to include any relevant advocacy or grassroots movements which may be involved with the policy.
Please add a reference page and properly quote the Colorado revised statue above.

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