Communication Capstone Research Proposal

Communication Capstone Research Proposal

my research proposal mainly concentrated on blogging and media selection. mostly concentrating on the fashion industry and how blog have shaped these industry more than magazine in the past.
I would in advance ask you to do a really good job on this paper, After you have decided your project topic, please conduct a literature review, identifying a research gap and developing research questions/hypotheses for your study. Please use at least 10 scholarly sources (i.e., books, peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters). The method section should be as detailed as possible with a survey questionnaire, interview questions, sampling method, and so on. This assignment should be about 6-8 pages with an appropriate in-text citation and references (APA style).
I already came up with 6 sources and made an annotated bibliography for you but i want you to be able to access these sources. you can go on
you then go to library services, press on electronic sources and you will find ebsco discovery sources.
for my methodology part i will be using survey and interview concentrating only on franklin college students. i want the survey to have 10 question and for the interview 6 questions.
1. do you prefer following fashion trends through magazine or blogs?

Communication Capstone Research Proposal
2018 Fashion Trends

2. would you say you relate more to bloggers than magazine spread of ads?
i would come up with simple questions like this

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