Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development The Class is community development. Here is the assignment
write original essay(s) that demonstrate a synthetic understanding of the material.

Community Economic Development
Community Economic Development

Your responses should be at least two pages for each response and include all references.
Here is question (1) Each Question needs to 2 pages
1.Development and growth are often used interchangeably in the field of CED. How are they similar or different concepts? Some
suggest that community economic development is just about jobs and income. Is this sufficient? Please explain.
Question Number 2 Needs to be 2 pages
2. In simple terms describe how Adam Smith’s notion of the Invisible Hand functions in vulnerable communities. In this idealized world, what is the role of public policy as it relates to economic development?
Question (3) Needs to be 2 pages
3. As an economy grows will incomes tend to converge (grow together) or diverge (move apart)? Please explain.

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