Community Health Status Assessment Paper

Community Health Status Assessment Paper The objective for this paper is to Choose a community with which I am familiar or have an easy entry with.

Community Health Status Assessment Paper
Community Health Status Assessment Paper

Describe your assessment of the health status of this
community (subpopulations, group, aggregate ) according to the criteria. Papers will be graded based on the completeness of my description, the quality of my analysis of data and the strength of my diagnosis. I would like this paper to be based on the Hispanic population. Primarily people from Salvador.
Community Assesment Paper Criteria
1-Description of the people in the community, including health status/risks. Include sources of data, methods of collection, a sample of any survey instruments used.
2. Description of the community systems/environment (structure,function,processes)
3.Analysis of data and interpretation. ( Describe characteristics of population, list strengths and weaknesses of the community)
4. Statements of two community diagnoses, with goals for each diagnosis, and discussion of priorities.
5. Health Promotion plan. (propose interventions at the primary, secondary, and tertiary level of prevention.
6. Criteria for evaluating the proposed plan. ( specific and measurable) timeframe.
7. Quality of the paper (clarity,organization,references,graphics,spelling,grammar. Use of APA style.

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