Company financial analysis Assignment

Company financial analysis
                Company financial analysis

Company financial analysis

Please rewrite my paper and finish items required below.

Few Items Required for the Final Project:

  • Business Description – Discuss how the company makes money or generates cash flow
  • Recommendation – Buy or Sell and why?
  • Detailed Capital Structure and or Org Structure – Show leverage metrics and the different bonds/ loans and their coupons.
  • Discussion on Liquidity
  • Discussion on the 4Cs
  • List Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Valuation – Base, Bull, Bear Case
  • Discussion on Recovery of the Bonds or Loans in Bear or Downside Scenario
  • Management Discussion
  • Financial Discussion – Sustainability of Cash Flows, Interest Coverage, Debt/EBITDA, Working capital, Capex
  • Relative Value Discussion – Comparing your company vs. peers and vs. the industry

The more you incorporate from the lectures and readings the better.

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