Company’s specific product or service

Company’s specific product or service
Company’s specific product or service

Company’s specific product or service

The marketing plan you develop for this Major Project should use an all-inclusive (holistic) approach for a company’s specific product or service. Think and write in a more inclusive manner (i.e., traditional marketing, network marketing, print, radio, television, web-based, app-based, social media, etc.).

For example, do not focus solely on social media marketing as you did in Minor Project 2, but focus on additional marketing strategies which may be more applicable to the selected business, organization, or specific product or service.

You need to invest the time to format this as a professionally-prepared and visually-appealing proposal. It is strongly recommended that you use graphs, charts, diagrams, photos, and other visual images which best communicate the content of this project.

Each of these projects are for you to formally present, or for presentation to CEO’s, CFO’s, and COO’s who don’t typically take a lot of time to read long narratives. They want the facts and to comprehend the document in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Content/Format: Using the outline below, produce a marketing plan for a product or service of your choice. You are encouraged to use the business you have been working with for minor project 1 and minor project 2. Use the applicable prior research data and information where appropriate in the outline below. This can also be your future business product/service, your current business product/service, the product/service for the business where you currently work, a friend’s business product/service, or another business with whom you have contact.

Make sure your marketing plan has ALL of the headings below. Points are deducted if sections are left out.

Cover Page

Table of Contents (Using Word TOC Command)

Executive Summary


Brief Company History, Purpose, Mission, Vision

Brief Product/Service Description

Product/Service Goals & Strategic Objectives

1. Market Research

Current Market Situation

Industry Trends

Industry Analysis

2. Product/Service Description

3. Customer Identification & Description for Product/Service

Consumer/Customer identification & Description



Consumer/Customer Analysis

4. Current Competitive Situation

Competitor Analysis

5. Distribution Channels

6. SWOT Analysis





Converting the Weaknesses to Strengths

Converting the Threats to Opportunities

7. Marketing Strategies





8. Communication Strategies


Public Relations


Communication Plan

Crisis Management Plan

9. Marketing Budget (Based on the proposed marketing/advertising activities included in this marketing plan)

Sales projections (for 12 months)

Expense projections (for 12 months)

Financial Analysis

10. Implementation Strategy

Action Plan and/or Next Steps

Media plan

Schedule (Gantt Chart)

Assignments (Who does what when)

11. Evaluation Method(s)

How do you know if your marketing plan is working?

Lead tracking systems

Sales reviews


12. References, Bibliography

13. Appendices

There is no length limit on this major project. It needs to be as long as it needs to be. This project is estimated to take 20 hours. You may need six hours of reading in addition to the two hours of reading for the period still available. You should spend another six hours thinking through the sections.

Be sure to demonstrate your knowledge of marketing strategy. Set clear SMART objectives.
Show how the strategies relate to the objectives. Show how you will measure results.
Use the remaining eight hours of the allotted time to write the report.
Make the report a professional polished document.

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