Compare or Contrast two Photos Visual Rhetoric

Compare or Contrast two Photos Visual Rhetoric Choose one of the following prompts and construct a well-developed, academic-level essay in response.

Compare or Contrast two Photos Visual Rhetoric Prompts

Compare or contrast two photos (of your choosing) of the same category. For example two diners, two females, two front porches, etc. Give a semiotic reading of the images.

Compare or Contrast two Photos Visual Rhetoric
Compare or Contrast two Photos Visual Rhetoric

Analyze the photos (content/composition) and relay the inherent argument/commentary in each. What is the argument when you place them side by
side? Look for the lens (what is being said about race, gender, class, religion, etc.). Include copies of the photos at the back of the essay.
Give a semiotic reading of a series of related visual “texts” found in public space. Think Silverman & Rader. For example, the flyers posted on campus,
freeway signs, roadside memorials, graffiti, architecture, landscape, sidewalk etchings, etc. Do a semiotic analysis of the visual texts (2-4) and offer a
conclusive argument concerning your findings. Provide pictures of the symbols, if you can, at the back of the essay. Copies are fine.
Deconstruct a painting using the elements of composition and content. After you’ve dissected the piece, offer the painting’s argument. Then, look at
different reproductions of the piece. Argue what has been lost or gained with these reproductions.
Examine a controversial piece(s)—by the same creator—of visual rhetoric (traditional or non-traditional) and prove why the piece is or isn’t “art.” You must first, deconstruct the piece’s overall meaning, define your criteria for “art,” and then apply your criteria to your text.
For this essay, you must include:

Compare or Contrast two Photos Visual Rhetoric Title

Introduction: Hook, Preview Material, Thesis
Body paragraphs that examine the primary sources (photos, found objects, symbols, etc.)
Concluding Hook/Conclusion
Works Cited
Copies of the visual texts
This is an analysis essay, so please no first-person narratives. Limited use of personal pronouns of any kind.

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