Comparison of Gender Relations in Hispanic

Comparison of Gender Relations in Hispanic Select a topic for your paper:

Make sure that it relates to topics that we are covering in class

Comparison of Gender Relations in Hispanic
Comparison of Gender Relations in Hispanic

Make sure that your topic is narrow enough so that you can find some data and/or articles to support your points

Comparison of Gender Relations in Hispanic

Examples of topics: Comparison of Gender Relations in Hispanic and African-American Families; Social Class Structure in America: The Decline of the Middle Class; or Race relations in American Society: Police Brutality and Race; Racial Stereotypes; The Impact of Race and Gender on Social Mobility; Structural Racism; Gender and Work; The Evolution of African-

American Males Masculinity in Hip Hop, The Impact of Domestic Violence by Race and Class; Unequal Treatment Within the Criminal Justice System by Race/Class/ Gender, etc.

Start your paper by explaining why you selected this topic and why it is important.

Proceed to mention a theory (Conflict Theory, Symbolic Interactionism, Functional Analysis or any other social theory) that speaks to a topic or an issue that you will be exploring.

Make sure to use additional sources of statistical information while describing the issue that you are exploring: you can use newspaper articles, scientific journals (the Library has databases that contain scientific journal articles), and internet data posted by non-profits or think tanks that research your chosen topic.

Comparison of Gender Relations in Hispanic

Describe an example or two of real life or hypothetical situations that pertain to your topic.

Conclude with discussing solutions to the issue that you explored. Your final paper should have a larger section dedicated to solutions as compared to your mid-term paper. Solutions can be a mix of your own ideas and other people’s ideas that you have read about in mass media.

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