Competencies and Skills Needed by a HR Strategist

Competencies and Skills Needed by a HR Strategist
Competencies and Skills Needed by a                HR Strategist

Competencies and Skills Needed by a HR Strategist

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Identify, assess, and evaluate the competencies and skills needed by an HR strategist.


Competencies and Skills Needed by a HR Strategist

Globalization and other environmental changes are transforming how companies create value and conduct business activities. Many organizations are focusing on issues and opportunities relating to creating value through efficient utilization of human capital (Cohen, 2015). This trend has made it necessary that HR strategists possess particular skills and competencies to perform their duties effectively to the best of their abilities. The key role of an HR strategist is the improvement of business team partnership and consultation, the configuration of human resource consulting, products and services with the organization strategy, and human resource strategy development. Below are some of the core skills and competencies that human resource professionals need to complete their duties and responsibilities in their organizations.

Leadership and navigation skills: An HR strategist is an important person in the HR department who handles selecting ideal candidates to work in the organization. HR strategist requires leadership and navigation skills so as to direct and contribute to inventiveness and procedures within the organization.

Business Acumen: HR strategist should possess business acumen skills so as to be able to comprehend and utilize information with which to contribute to the organization’s strategic plan (Brockbank et al., 2012). Therefore, enable the organization to use information effectively as a basis for developing strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Good communications skills: Good communication skills are also paramount to allow HR strategist to exchange effective information with different stakeholders of the organization.

Talent acquisition and retention: These skills help HR Strategist to build and maintain the organization workforce. The HR demonstrates value by developing, implementing, evaluating individual and organization practices for recruiting, sourcing, hiring, orientation and retention of skilled workers.

Interpersonal skills and Relationship Management: Interpersonal skills are important for HR strategist so as to enable them to engage employees properly. This helps to create a bond among the employees, supervisors and other stakeholders centered on the mission, vision, values and goals of the organization (Brockbank et al., 2012). The Human Resource creates value by developing effective strategies to address issues relating to performance, motivation and attitudes of all the employees at all levels.

Business and cultural effectiveness: The HR strategist should possess the ability to value and consider the perspectives and backgrounds of all the different stakeholders in the organization.

Critical evaluations and thinking: A HR strategist should possess critical thinking and evaluation skills to enable them to interpret data and information with which to develop strategies, make business decisions and recommendations in the organization.

In conclusion, The HR strategists should possess the skills as mentioned above to enable them to perform their core duties of developing strategic plans. That can help an organization to create success and value for the all the stakeholders. The human resource professionals must be fully competent in strategy development, implementation, and evaluation (Cohen, 2015). The HR strategist helps in giving their expertise and knowledge by contributing to the development of business strategy. They also assist in the developing, implementing and evaluating of different human resource strategies aimed at achieving the organization goals so as to gain a competitive advantage and help achieve organization sustainability.


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