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Concert Report
Concert Report

Concert Report

Your formal essay should address the following questions:
1) Who performed? Were the musicians professional or amateur? List the instrumentation and
identify the type of ensemble.
2) What music was performed? Be specific. List the names of pieces, lyrical content (if any),
facts about the pieces such as dates, composer information, historical details, etc…
3) What did you observe about the music? Did it evoke a particular mood? Did that mood evolve or remain the same throughout? What was notable or unusual about the music? Can you identify any concepts in the music that we have discussed in class (such as the meter, accents, pitch range, octaves, timbre, etc…)?
4) What was your opinion of the performance? Did you enjoy it, were you confounded by it,
was it not your “cup of tea?” Be sure to explain your opinions in depth.

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