Conflict Analysis Presentation Case Study

Conflict Analysis
Conflict Analysis

This is a case study which subject is conflict analysis. Could you please do it for me for presentation style for 10 minutes ” WRITE THE TEXT SPEECH .
And also do power point file PLEASE.

I attached the case scenario that is the fight with model number one on the book is Furlong, G.T. (2015). The Conflict Resolution Toolbox: Models and Maps for Analyzing, Diagnosing, and Resolving Conflict. Mississauga, Ontario: John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd. on the page number is 29 to 60.

The question task is:
You have been hired by a client, “old Man Jones” from the subject’s case scenario, to help them understand their conflict better. Your client has asked you to educate them on the process of analysing conflict.
Your client would like to learn more about specific tools that they could use to analyse their conflict in a structured manner. You will prepare a presentation for your client explaining one of the models (that will be model one which is the circle of conflict on book Furlong)
presented by Furlong (2015) and show them how the model would assist them in analysing their conflict. The presentation will be an oral presentation. The presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes. You might want to use some visual aids to support
your presentation (e.g. power point ).

In the presentation you should:
• Briefly explain to your client what a conflict model is and how conflict models assist in getting a better
understanding of a conflict situation
• Outline which aspects of a conflict situation your conflict model focuses on analysing (e.g. what elements of the conflict situation does the model address?). Please do not assess the strategic (practical) side of the model but concentrate on its analytical side
• Explain to your client how the model assists in analysing their conflict situation by applying it to their conflict
• Explain to your client the benefits of using this model for understanding their conflict and point out any shortcoming the model might have in assessing the conflict situation
Discuss which other model introduced by Furlong would be helpful in addressing these shortcomings
• Based on the model’s strategic direction, briefly make some recommendations on what your client should be doing next to address their conflict
• Consider one fellow student’s evaluation and provide feedback to that student by filling out a feedback sheet (that you will be provided with)
• written justification of the marks you have assigned to each criteria. This written justification should
be +/- 500 words.

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