Conformity Good or Bad thing and Why Survey

Conformity Good or Bad thing and Why Survey 1) Is conformity a good thing, or a bad thing? Why?

Conformity Good or Bad thing and Why Survey
Conformity Good or Bad thing and Why Survey

2) What are some social norms, and if they are specific to a certain group or context, describe it.
3) For norms listed in number 2, how many of them do you think are positive, negative, or neutral?
Positive _______ Negative _______ Neutral _________
4) Can you think of five social norms that you are glad exist? Describe them.
5) What would social life be like if there were no social norms?
6) In your opinion, why do people conform?
7) What determines whether a particular norm is good or bad?
Part 2: Social observation activity
The objective of this activity is to observe groups of people in our own environments and communities and be able to identify social interactions that may be attributed to major concepts/theories in social psychology discussed in your text.
Please record and submit the following:
Age of the individuals in the group
How big is the group
What is happening, i.e. what are they talking about, what are they doing, etc.
Show your understanding of the major theories/concepts in social psychology that are discussed in the textbook, relating them directly to what was observed, i.e. were people showing normative or informational conformity, groupthink, compliance techniques, etc.

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