Constructive criticism Assignment Paper

Constructive criticism
Constructive criticism

Constructive criticism

Constructive criticism

Order Instructions:

It is critical that the writer read the articles and give a very good constructive comments for this 2 articles. APA and in text citations must be use to complete the 2 responses.

The writer will have to read each of this post and react to them by commenting, analyzing and supporting with relevant articles. The writer will have to read carefully before giving constructive comments on the post. The writer should write a one paragraph of at least 150 words. APA and in text citation must be use as each respond to the two post must have in text citations. The writer will have to use an article to supports his comments in each of the article. Address the content of each post below in a one paragraph each, analysis and evaluation of the topic, as well as the integration of relevant resources.

I will email the details via email.


Constructive criticism

Article 1

The research article is relevant according to current needs. Based on the statistics provided by the writer, it would be important to tackle the problem of small businesses failing as they are vital to the economy in terms of employment creation and growth of the economy. Nevertheless, there are a few points worth noting about the article. One of the important things is the statistics (Collis, & Hussey, 2013). The writer in the background uses statistics for the United States of America when the research would only cover Texas. It would have been more accurate to narrow down the statistics to Texas. Some of the statistics are from three years ago and yet the research is on current issues. There is also much repetition in the article. Most of the information captured in the background is also in the problem statement and purpose statement. The pace used in this repetition would have been better used in giving a more detailed literature review (Tsang, & Frey, 2007).

Article 2

The research proposed in the report would tackle a relevant problem. It is, therefore, a meaningful article. However, the author fails to include a literature review that would tell the reader about any previous studies concerning the topic. Therefore, the work lacks enough information concerning the topic of interest. Some of the definitions as used in the articles are not accurate. For instance, corporate social responsibility has been defined to mean the commitment of the organization towards the quality of life of workers during economic development. On the other hand, CSR is usually the voluntary undertakings of an organization in a social, economic and environmental manner (Clapp, & Rowlands, 2014). It would be significant for the writer to consider revising some of the definitions, therefore. It would also be more accurate for the author to give the conventional definition of transformational leadership before defining it in context (Avolio, & Yammarino, 2013). The author also proposes to use two independent variables this would make it hard to test for the dependent variable due to the combined effect of the two independent variables.


Avolio, B. J., & Yammarino, F. J. (Eds.). (2013). Transformational and charismatic leadership: The road ahead (Vol. 5). Emerald Group Publishing.

Clapp, J., & Rowlands, I. H. (2014). Corporate social responsibility. Essential Concepts of Global Environmental Governance, 42.

Collis, J., & Hussey, R. (2013). Business research: A practical guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Palgrave macmillan.

Tsang, E. W., & Frey, B. S. (2007). The As-Is Journal Review Process: Let Authors Own Their Ideas. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 6(1), 128-136.

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