Consumer Behavior Case Study Paper

Consumer Behavior Case Study
             Consumer Behavior Case Study

Consumer Behavior Case Study


“Armed to the Teeth”


(a) Better understand and interpret brand performance measures (penetration, purchase rates etc.) and the broader concept of competitive structure, the “Duplication of Purchase law” and the idea of market partitions – that is, pockets of the market comprising certain brands that compete more intensely with each other and less intensely with the rest of the market.

(b) Use this understanding to consider a marketing issue. As the brand manager for Ultrabrite toothpaste you have the task of doubling the brand’s market share over a two year period – how will you achieve it? This exercise takes you through the process of analysing real consumer goods data. It uses data on ‘toothpaste’ purchases from the UK. What is special about this data set is that it comprises information on market share, market penetration, purchase rates, and duplication of purchase – information often available to marketing managers. Therefore the data provides the opportunity to apply consumer behaviour principles to brand-level competition but also to examine the broader competitive level of product type.

Your task is to work through the 14 exercises in Section 3 and answer the numbered questions that appear through the exercise.

Please write this assignment in 12 point font, 1.5 spacing. You will need to reference where appropriate. Further information can be found on Webct/Blackboard.

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