Contemporary Issue Position Essay

Contemporary Issue Position Essay Choose a case from the AMA Journal of Ethics Case Index and take a position. For this assignment, you will evaluate the ethical arguments for or against the issue.

Contemporary Issue Position Essay
Contemporary Issue Position Essay

Identify the potential legal arguments (consider current federal guidelines), indicate any potential professional code conflicts you foresee, and support your position with an explanation of your own ethical/moral foundation.

Contemporary Issue Position Essay In your 2-3 page paper:

Identify the issue and state your ethical position.

How might this scenario play out or impact you in your role as a nurse practitioner?

Defend your position with legal, ethical, and professional evidence.

As part of your position, propose strategies and solutions for addressing the issues.

What other ethical issues does this case bring to light, if any?

Support your position with at least one scholarly source (it may be your text). Be sure to cite the article you choose, use APA format, and include a title page and reference page.

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