Contemporary Play Analysis about African Americans

Contemporary Play Analysis about African Americans With a contemporary play analysis around 1950 about African Americans Plot ñ Discuss the plot of the play. What is the conflict of the play? What are the characters struggling against and why? What will they gain by succeeding, and/or lose by failing? What are the significant events that happened in the play?

Contemporary Play Analysis about African Americans
Contemporary Play Analysis about African Americans

What is the initial incident that begins the tension of the play? How is this tension increased as the play goes on? What is the climax of the action? How do the characters deal with the resolution?

Characters ñ Describe each of the characters. What does the script say about what they look like, who they love or hate, where they work (if anywhere)? What is their relationship with the other characters?

Who is the main character (the protagonist)? Who is the antagonist (against whom the protagonist must struggle)?

Setting ñ what is the setting of the play? In what city does the play take place? If any of the scenes are indoors, where do they occur?

When does the play take place? Is it all in one day, or night, or is there a time lapse between scenes? What era is it? Does this affect the action of the play?

Given Circumstances ñ what happened before the play began? What has happened between the characters?

What effect do any or all of the following topics have on the action of the play?

  1. Local events
  2. National events
  3. Politics
  4. Religion
  5. Economy

Conclusion and briefly discuss your personal reaction/aesthetic response to the play. What affected you most/least? What message were you left with?

Offer a brief explanation as to whether you enjoyed it or not and why

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