Content and Social Media Marketing

Content and Social Media Marketing
   Content and Social Media Marketing

Content and Social Media Marketing

Part 1 (No more than 60-80 words)

1- Identify the target audience.

Part 2 (No more than 400 words)

Scenario: You are a marketing consultant and advice the marketing regarding the following:

1- The marketing team posts on facebook, twitter and Linkedin to promote their product but unfortunately they don’t get much interaction. Explain to the team how can they effectively write an engaging copy of blog posts. (What are the components of such posts and how long it should be?)

2- The marketing team tried promoting their product on Quora and Reddit and got banned/flagged several times. Explain to the team how can they promote their product effectively on Quora and Reddit via answering threads without being flagged/banned.

Part 3

1- Write Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn copy (6 in total) for the following blog posts:

  1. a)
  2. b)

Note: Write 2XFacebook copy (1 of A& one for B), 2XTwitter copy (1 for A& 1 for B) and 2XLinkedIn copy (1 of A& one for B).

2- Find 1 Reddit and 1 Quora thread where you could promote Timely as an answer /solution to someone in one of the target audiences. Write a natural response to the thread, and subtly work in a link to a relevant Timely blog post or website landing page.

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