Controversial Issues In the Ministry

Controversial Issues In the Ministry A pastor is viewed as a theologian, counselor, leader, and researcher of the Scriptures. As a consequence, church members will make inquiry from him about many different kinds of issues, including some that are extremely controversial within the life of a church. Thus, it is important that one prepare himself for every situation so that the under-shepherd will be able to teach God’s people (2 Tim. 4:2). Most likely this is another reason why you are in this class. Thus, this project has been designed so that you can learn to define/explain your position on concerning these issues. Usually in ministry the minister is asked difficult/controversial questions and only given a period of time to respond.

Therefore, this exercise has been created to teach you how to quickly define and defend your stance.
Topic: Evolution v. Creation
This Controversial Issues In the Ministry  paper should be written so that it defines/explains your position and defend your views.
It should be 2 pages in length. The Controversial Issues In the Ministry paper should be accompanied by a properly formatted title page. The content of these Controversial Issues In the Ministry paper should include a very brief discussion of the controversial issue within the life of the church.
The paper should include at least 2 resources, 1 of which should be your Bible. Remember, the Controversial Issues In the Ministry paper is to follow Turabian guidelines and should be presented without any grammatical or spelling errors.

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