Corporate governance Essay Assignment

Corporate governance Essay
Corporate governance Essay

Corporate governance Essay

In this assignment, you are required to write a 3000-word essay on a topic of your choice drawing upon the lectures, seminar and reading material for the module MN7406. You should complete an essay on ONE of the following questions:

Stakeholder theory is vacuous and offers an unrealistic view of how organizations operate (Brayden, 2006). Do you agree with Brayden’s position? Discuss the statement with reference to relevant theories and examples.

Bower and Paine (2017) argue that the obsession with maximizing shareholder value reflects a failure at the heart of corporate leadership. Do you agree or disagree with their position? Outline and discuss their arguments drawing on relevant theoretical approaches to shareholder value.

It pays to be good but not too good. Discuss this statement with reference to contemporary challenges of global governance, such as climate change and corporate tax avoidance.

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