Correlation of productivity and work hours

Correlation of productivity and work hours
Correlation of productivity and work hours

Correlation of productivity and work hours

Research question:
Does working shorter hours lead to more productivity and is it economically worth to invest in shorter working days for your employees?

– Aspects to consider
– Correlation of work time and employee’s productivity
– Productivity as a measurement
– Productivity vs. Total costs
– The government’s role


Research question :
Max 5

The research question is precise, clear and excellently delimited; it is formulated so as to allow for a discussion

The research question is precise, relatively clear and delimited 2-3

The research question lacks precision, clarity and delimitation; it is formulated as a ‘closed’ question

Literature Review:
Max. 15

Extensive coverage of (>10)good quality, pertinent sources; concise, accurate presentation and overview; excellent embedding, demonstrates in- depth understanding, independent thought and analysis 14-15

Good overview of (>10) reasonable quality, pertinent sources; accurate presentation and discussion, reasonably well embedded, not full understanding or analysis 11-13

Patchy overview of reasonable quality sources; slightly confusing overview of desk research; main points visible but inconsistencies, relative absence of individual
thought, lack of variety of sources/authors, not all sources 8-10


Patchy overview of poor quality sources which are not clearly embedded or presented, requires considerable interpretation; puzzling to achieve overview, lacks variety, fewer than 10 quality sources

Very poor (<8) quality sources; large chunks of research area not covered; confused presentation; far too meagre an overview; very poorly embedded; fails to recognise frames of reference; clichéd thinking

Max. 10

Entirely correct referencing (contextual, graph labelling, reference list), adhering to APA style; contextual references flow well, clean reference list, APA thoughtfully applied

Mostly correct referencing; some minor errors in one aspect (contextual, graph labelling, reference list), readable contextual sourcing, APA is mostly followed in the reference list 7-8

Mostly correct referencing; some minor errors in more than one aspect (contextual, graph labelling, reference list); some errors or awkwardness in contextual sourcing, some errors in reference list, some APA inaccuracies 5-6

Frequent errors in referencing; awkward contextual referencing, very patchy reference list, inconsistencies between contextual and reference list sources

Max. 20

Objective style, hedging, cohesive, academic vocabulary, very good textual flow, clear reasoning, few and only minor language errors

Mostly objective style, mostly academic vocabulary, mostly cohesive, mostly good but not full understanding of ideas and concepts, few language errors (though occasionally leading to unclear communication)

Style occasionally not academic, more work needed on vocabulary and cohesion, some inconsistencies in presentation of ideas and concepts, considerable number of language errors which occasionally lead to unclear communication, erroneous messages

Basic vocabulary and use of language, not always objective, disturbing language errors, difficult to read, too colloquial or partisan in style

Format & Organisation:
Max. 5

Correctly, clearly formatted; well organised at all levels, presents concepts clearly, logical topic sentences & paragraphs

Minor formatting errors; reasonable organisation at all levels, some elements not well presented or disjointed

Major formatting errors; not well organised at any or all levels, poorly presented, too long or too short, illogical 1

Total Points Possible

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