Costs and Benefits of European Industrialization

Costs and Benefits of European Industralization and Imperialism What were the costs and benefits of European industrialization and imperialism between 1800-1914 for the various parties involved?

Costs and Benefits of European Industrialization
Costs and Benefits of European Industrialization

Evaluate the question with details from the lectures, Things Fall Apart, This Earth of Mankind, Chadwick, Miners, Marx, and Ferry. All seven sources must be used and the two novels must be used in depth.
Here are the links to some of the readings
1. Chadwick, “Report on Sanitary Conditions-1842″
2. “Women Miners in the English Coal Pits”
3. Jules Ferry, “On French Colonial Expansion”
4. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto (Sections I and II)
5. Benito Mussolini, “What is Fascism?”
Make sure to present a thesis, back it up with a broad evidence base, and acknowledge if there is counterevidence to your argument. You have plenty of sources to use and evaluate so do not use any outside sources (absolutely no Wikipedia or internet sources). The intent of this assignment is to have you use critical thinking in order to analyze a set of sources and write a paper using historical methods.
In composing your answer to the question, you should present all significant perspectives before drawing your conclusions. You should also be attentive to the qualitative differences among the written texts you are using. Chadwick, Miners, Marx, and Ferry are what historians call “primary sources,” that is sources written during the period under study, which can therefore be used as evidence about the way the certain individuals acted and thought. The two novels are secondary sources. Any documentary excerpts we have watched regarding the theme of this paper are not historical documents but rather artistic dramatizations of history that sometimes include commentary from contemporary historians. Thus, these different sources were produced in different contexts, and that governs the way they can be used as evidence or illustration in your papers.

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