Country of origin labeling (COOL) Assignment

Country of origin labeling (COOL)
Country of origin labeling (COOL)

Country of origin labeling (COOL)

The U.S. regulation at issue required beef and pork products sold in the US to have a label identifying the country of origin of the beef.

The WTO ruling is an example of the power of international trade law to constrain the regulatory powers of WTO member nations.

Starting with the links provided, identify and analyze at least 3 different perspectives on the recent WTO Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) dispute (e.g., U.S. industry, US consumer rights organizations, environmental organizations, the WTO, countries which brought the dispute against the US to the WTO, among others).

Spend some time noting the contrasting Participants (who is involved), Perspectives (what views on the WTO decision do they espouse), and Ideas (what ideas do they invoke as perspectives on the WTO decision).

Finally, reflect on which position you agree with most and why. Make a poster or powerpoint where you contrast the participants, perspectives. Video tape yourself presenting the project. Videos should run 6-8 minutes (not to exceed 10 minutes).

Need to read these links for the project too:

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