Covert Channels Critical Thinking Essay

Covert Channels
                Covert Channels

This is Covert Channels critical thinking essay.

The goal of a reaction paper is to articulate a value-added insight; your contribution may be a criticism or an extension application of class concepts. You should avoid summarizing class material and outside readings, except as absolutely necessary to convey your value-added insight. Since the relevant audience for the reaction paper is your instructor, in no case should you use the reaction paper to explain fundamental economic concepts.

The reaction paper must be clear, concise, coherent and free of grammatical and spelling errors; all external sources must be cited in a standard social science format. In addition, reaction papers must be double-spaced, in 12 point font with full justification and 1-inch margins all around. Papers that do not adhere to these criteria will be heavily penalized. Papers that have multiple grammatical and spelling errors on the first page will not be graded; if possible such papers will be returned to students for a re-write.

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