Crafting a Brief Message Via Email

Crafting a Brief Message Via Email Need to "Craft a Brief Message ( via email) See Your Task Below.
Course Book is  Excellence in Communication;, Eight Edition by John V. Thill and Courtland L Bovee, Chapter 6 &7
Message needs to be based on the following.
12. Your work does matter: Encouraging an unhappy colleague
You certainly appreciate your company’s virtual team policy of
letting employees live wherever they want while using technology
to communicate and collaborate.

Crafting a Brief Message Via Email Essay Instructions

The company is headquartered in a large urban area, but you get to live in the mountains, only a
step or two away from some of the best fly fishing in the world.
Most of the time, this approach to work couldn’t get any better.
However, the lack of face-to-face contact with your colleagues definitely has its disadvantages. For example, when a
teammate seems to be upset about something, you wish you
could go for a walk with the person and talk it out, rather than re-lying on phone calls, e-mail, or IM. In the past couple of weeks,
Chris Grogan, the graphic designer working with you on a new
e-commerce website project, seems to be complaining about
everything. His negative attitude is starting to wear down the
team?s enthusiasm at a critical point in the project. In particular,
he has complained several times that no one on the team seems
to care about his design work. It is rarely mentioned in team teleconferences, and no one asks him about it. That part is true, actually, but the reason is that there is nothing wrong with his
work?some critical technical issues unrelated to the graphic de-sign are consuming everyone?s attention.

Crafting a Brief Message Via Email
company’s virtual team

Your task:After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at encouraging
Grogan over the phone, you decide to write a brief e-mail message
to assure him of the importance of his work on this project and
the quality of his efforts. Let him know that graphic design is a
critical part of the project?s success and that as soon as those technical issues are resolved and the project is completed, everyone
will have a chance to appreciate his contribution to the project.

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